4th Degree Meeting Minuites

September 2023

Call to Order 7:55pm
Late start due to fraternal training online
Opening Ceremonies led by FN Louis Mushill
Opening Prayer led by SK Jim Albarado
Pledge led by SK Jim Albarado
Roll Call was taken and noted
Minutes of the Previous Meeting were read and approved.
No bills were presented
No Presented
13 Members in arrears amount owed $510
125 total members - 5 Hon, 32HL, 1 Exempt
Bank Account: Asset Account: $No Report
BoM: $18,751.68
Debit: $179.50
Credit: $0
EoM: $18,572.18
Honor Guard:
Football Game 9/22/23 meet at field 7pm
Basketball Season approaching
5th Sunday, October 10:30 am Sunday Mass - OLQP
Cardinal Glennon KofC Center for Autism:
No report
Gun Raffle:
Working on the tickets for the 2024 Raffle
Motion to proceed gmw 2nd Mark Droste Approved
Nov. 12 - Breese
No new deaths. Shipping currently on hold
Unfinished Business
gmw- Honor Guard for Eucharistic Congress Oct 28 BoS Center Springfield. Full day of
education and adoration. Only Saturday Mass this weekend. Hoping for large Honor Guard
Also, Dec 8 at Cathedral in Springfield closing of the Year of Eucharist
New Business
Catholic Children’s Home Ad for program book
Motion $250 Ad Jim Albarado 2nd Ray Meyer Approved
Seminarian Jayke White birthday Oct 7
Motion $100 gift Jeff Lister 2nd Don Williams Approved
Report of Trustees
No report
Report of Councils
460 Alton
Blood Drive Oct 4
St. Mary Octoberfest
Alton liter cleanup day 9/9 - 10 volunteers
Vocation Raffle Books mailed
Council day in 40 days for life 10/17 looking for volunteers
15 cases Coats for Kids ordered
Donut Sunday St. Mary 10/15
ID Drive complete. Will be doing additional drive at Schnucks in Godfrey 10/13
2944 Wood River
Had Donut Sunday in July
Gearing up for Coats for Kids
Movie Night with Pastoral Council
4688 Bethalto
Hog Roast Oct 14
Seotember Blood Drive 45 units 51 people
ID Drive Successful
IDoodIt at Homecoming
Golf tournament postponed until spring
DD Report
Membership is up 1st quarter of Fraternal Year fist time since ‘83
Keep recruiting going in councils and assembly
Good of the Order
Fr. Don Wolford
Rosemary Ruedin
Don Williams Brother-in-law
Al Kaufmann
Mary Wagner
Jim Albarado - back issues
VSM Report
Exemplification already discussed
Eucharistic Congress an excellent opportunity to become closer to Christ in the true presence of
the Eucharist
How can I help your Assembly
Closing Ceremony led by FN Louis Mushill
Closing Prayer led by SK Jim Albarado
Adjourn 8:50pm
Gun Raffle Winner
Liz Goldstein
Sold by Bill Mahar